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Tire mounting and balancing

Tire mounting and balancing of modern cars requires high-quality equipment. At ZX Garage auto service tire mounting and balancing is carried out with the equipment of Italian CORGHI company. CORGHI is worldwide leader in the production of auto service equipment. We carry out both passenger and heavy truck tire mounting and balancing. Quality execution of these procedures significantly improves vehicle handling, the operation of suspension parts. In addition, it reduces vertical and horizontal vibrations making the vehicle ride smoother. As a result both tires and suspension parts last longer.

Our recommendations regarding tire maintenance

  • Air pressure of the tires must correspond to the technical specifications of your vehicle which are marked on your vehicle. Tire pressure calibration should be done when the tires are cold. Since the tires are getting warm during the ride as a consequence pressure increases. Therefore tire pressure should not be lowered at warm state, because after cooling of the tires the air pressure will drop again. Tire pressure should be monitored every two weeks. If the tire pressure is low tire can overheat which can lead to internal damage of the tire. At high speeds tire thread can peal off leading to tire explosion. If the tire pressure drops for no apparent reasons, just by bringing the air pressure to the specified level will not eliminate hidden injuries. In order to repair tire damage you should contact tire repair specialists. Do not forget to check the spare tire pressure as well.
  • Check the condition of tire thread frequently since small stones and nails can penetrate the tire. You should also check for various cuts and tears. In case you found such tears, consult a specialist for tire repair. If tire repair is impossible, be sure to replace the tire since such tires can explode.
  • Tire balancing should be checked either every 10-15 thousand km or if you can feel vibrations during your ride. Such vibrations mainly occur at speeds of 80-110 km/h.
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